Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Break 2016.

^^^a trip to Galveston is never complete without a stop at LaKings! Their salt water taffy and ice cream is delicious!! 

Ah, Spring Break. One of the most anticipated weeks in the spring semester. By mid-March, I am always so ready to get away from campus and hide all my school work for a week. While a lot of student's spring breaks are filled with laying by the beach or skiing down a mountain, mine was quite uneventful.

I spent my spring break waiting not-so-patiently for my nephew to be born. I have one older sister, Chloe, and last week she was 37 weeks pregnant with her first child, Hank Owen. I have always wanted to be an aunt and I've been over-the-moon excited for this little man to make his debut.

Last week, her husband was working nights for four days, so I stayed with her so she didn't have to be alone at night so late in her pregnancy. We spent most of those days trying every trick in the book to convince baby Hank to come out. We walked, shopped, ate big meals, ate spicy meals, bounced on a yoga ball, went bowling, and she did a couple other things I won't mention here.

When we weren't taking part in myths, we were either in bed or on the couch watching movies and sleeping. All-in-all, a pretty productive week! However, Hank was being stubborn (he's already so much like his mother) and decided his momma's belly was too comfy to leave just yet.

It was really nice getting to spend so much time with my sister before the baby arrived. As much as I would have enjoyed laying on the beach on a tropical island, being by my sister's side during her last few days of pregnancy were priceless (it was also the best birth control I've ever received, besides watching the actual birth).*

On what was supposed to be my last day in town, my parents and I took a quick trip down to Galveston. I grew up going to Galveston for a week or two during the summer, and I've always underappreciated the island. But I've lately come to really enjoy visiting it. It does have so much charm to it!

Galveston is such a nice destination for a day trip, there is so much food to eat and shopping to do! While I don't always go swimming, my favorite thing to do is to just sit by the water and listen to the waves crash onto shore. It's quite peaceful.

Above are just some of the photos I just while exploring the island a little bit. If you ever go to Galveston, you have to try LaKing's on the Strand. It has everything from homemade salt water taffy to ice cream to coffee to chocolate and everything else you can imagine. The place is jampacked with delicious goodies. It's a Galveston favorite for sure.

Until next time, H

*Incase you were wondering, Hank Owen did finally make his debut, but that's another story for another time.

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